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What is our
Tracking Technology?

We know that real time information is power, thats why our technology allows tracking and data mining that could convert and exponentiate the results of your campaigns.

In addition, it is ideal for Affiliate Marketing.

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What can you do with our tracking technology?

Digital Marketing Tracking

Get detailed and analytical information about your digital media efforts in real time. 

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Affiliate Platform

Ideal for companies that want to venture into the affiliate marketing.

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Digital Marketing Tracking

With TrakMarket, instantly explore and measure the progress and performance of your digital campaigns by accessing clear and concise data on each campaign you promote in the digital world. Track your sales to better understand and measure all their efforts.

Easy to understand for everyone!

Control Panel

Manage each of your users and create access for all your experts

Real Time Analytics

Get the ability to access exclusive real-time metrics.

Create and Manage Campaigns

Create advertising campaigns based on your preferences, by product, service, digital media, geographic area, etc..

Access to Intuitive Reports

We simplify data interpretation by providing clear, easy to understand reports.

100% Measurable Campaigns

Know exactly your conversion funnel as well as your CPA's / CPL's / CPC's generated on each campaign and/or expert.

Get data of your organic visitors

Know in real time what your organic visits do while they're on your website.

With our technology you can do this and much more, schedule a demo today.


Affiliate Marketing

Total Control & Real Results

Manage and monitor your affiliate programs with our platform. We offer you a powerful tool to manage, analyze and improve the performance of your programs in real time.

Accurate Tracking

Track detailed and accurate conversions, know which affiliates are generating best results and what strategies are giving better results.

Measuring ROI

Get clear metrics and detailed analysis to calculate return of investment (ROI) on specific campaigns, helping you justify spending and make informed decisions.

Efficient Management

It makes affiliate management easier by providing tools to monitor performance, manage payments, provide promotional materials, and optimize campaigns.

Fraud Prevention

We detect fraudulent activity, such as false clicks or conversions, helping to ensure the integrity of the affiliate program and investment.

Campaign Optimization

Make real-time adjustments based on data, helping you optimize campaign performance and maximize revenue.

Detailed Reports

Generate personalized and detailed reports on the performance of each affiliate, allowing a better understanding of the impact each one generates.

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